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Stuck in a career you don’t enjoy?

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Whether you want to make your current career vastly better or completely change what it is that you do, our aim is simply to make your career the most inspiring journey possible.

You don’t have to have all the answers right away, but you do need to take that simplest first step.

We make sure you take that first step and then guide you through the following steps down the career path you’ve been dreaming of.

What Do You Get With Better Work Heroes?

Find The Work You Are Meant To Do

We help you discover an inspirational career path and help you take action towards it.

Shape Your Current and Future Roles

We help you shape your current role so that it works for you now as well as for your future.

Navigate the Modern Job Market

Power up your probability of success with advanced methods in job hunting, interviewing, CVs and more.

Bring Structure to Your Life

We help you design and implement routines that will release more energy and focus to find and do your best work.

Meet The Better Work Heroes Team


Co-founder and CTI Certified Coach. I help talented individuals reach their full potential through bespoke coaching.


Co-founder and experienced career writer. I help people get unstuck and find their powerful role in the world.


Co-founder and CTI Life and Career Coach. Connecting people to their values and dreams to discover their inspirational life!

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