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  • Reinvent your career and business or take your already successful work to the next level. It is never too late to find or create work you love
  • Come to supercharge your career and end up designing and realising your best life
  • You don't need to know what you want. You don't need to know how to do it. You don't even need to worry about having the time and energy to be able to do this. We give you all the guidance you need
  • Everything in our coaching is set up to help you make an extraordinary impact with the greatest of ease
  • All you need to do is make the decision to go after the career (and life) of your dreams

Real Transformations

We have successfully coached clients from:

Coaching tailored to you, based on actionable methods that work.
Our approach includes 4 key parts:



Get to the heart of what you want your career or business path to look like, even if you don’t have a clue where to start! Appreciate what inspires and excites you and design a real career path you can move forwards with.


Realise Your Change

It can be confusing knowing how to turn ambition into reality. Use our tried and tested, cutting-edge methods of job-hunting, CVs, interviewing, negotiating, networking and more. Everything you need to make your exciting new career or business path a reality.



You don’t need to feel trapped. Gain freedom and valuable time by fixing what’s not working within your current work with training in leadership, performance, communication, confidence and more. Then you can hit the ground running with your career transformation.



The unexpected bonus of our coaching is to give you the energy and focus to make all this happen. We use methods from top performance experts that enhance body and mind to complement your new position of strength.

We incorporate all of these aspects in line with what you want to achieve to completely transform your career and life into something truly extraordinary

Based on 45 reviews
Diana Rodgers
Diana Rodgers
Had a wonderful experience with Oliver's coaching. He helped me figure out where I needed to focus my energy for my business, and I feel overall happier and more satisfied with my life (not just my business). I highly recommend working with him!
Roland McIntyre
Roland McIntyre
I recently worked with Olly for a 3-month period, and I’m just amazed at how much he managed to cram into the timeframe. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to coaching sessions, possesses an infectious enthusiasm, and creates a genuine connection which supports the coachee throughout the process. Olly helped me to look beyond the issues I presented to him and was soon helping me to view things through a much wider lens – taking sessions well outside the realm of performance coaching, and into developing new and exciting life skills such as breathwork. Expect to be challenged to go outside your comfort zone, but you can be absolutely certain Olly will be in your corner the whole time.
Mark Goldfinch
Mark Goldfinch
I can't recommend Ollie’s coaching more highly. His infectious positivity is electrifying and energising which, believe me, is a breath of fresh air when you're stuck as I was. He's supremely practical and organised, and understands corporate and SME pressures. He is able to draw from a wide range of coaching activities that he tailors for you. They made me think and devise my own solutions. Over the 6 month programme, with Ollie's careful, interested professional help, I grew into the rounded person I want to be for the next half of my life. Thanks!
Jack Larkins
Jack Larkins
Ollie is one of the most inspiring and energising individuals I have ever met. His energy and passion for people and life is second to none. Every time I meet Ollie I feel more uplifted, optimistic, determined and he leaves me with that feeling of being on top of the world. Ollie doesn’t see problems he sees opportunities. It’s safe to say working with Ollie has been a complete and utter game changer. It’s been a privilege for me to work with him and I hope to continue to do so for a long time.
Chiya Louie
Chiya Louie
It’s hard to put into words how life-changing it has been to work with Ollie. Ollie started as my Executive Coach at a time in my career when I needed it most – I was exhausted, stressed, and unclear of the next step. We had instant chemistry with his infectious energy and unique ability to build up your confidence & energy levels to new highs (and call you out when you show an inch of self-doubt). Ollie helped me understand my core skills & strengths, developed my skills in coaching & leading high performing teams, role shaped to focus areas where I can add the most value, define my life purpose, add clarity to my career vision, the list is endless… I enjoyed the practical tips & tricks (breathing, positive intelligence, focus, visualisation, etc) to cope with high pressure situations, manage stress, find time-saving life hacks, and carve out time to get back to what I enjoy the most. His depth of knowledge on leadership theory and passion for the topic meant that he was able to share inspiring & appropriately timed lessons, books, and tips in every session. I looked forward to every meeting and after our year of working together, I have found a refreshing, new perspective on work and life – a ‘place of grace’! I can’t say thank you enough and I would highly recommend him as a Coach & Mentor.
Richard Currie
Richard Currie
My coaching journey with Oliver has been an enlightening voyage. His insightful and enthusiastic approach makes it very easy to delve deeply into all areas and breeds confidence in transitional phases. I found him very open and approachable and his positive reinforcement really empowers change and growth. Also, he is not afraid to ask difficult questions and take you out of your comfort zone. All in all, a great coach, and also, a nice guy to boot.
Gael Dunn
Gael Dunn
Ollie has been my business coach for 18 months now, and under his guidance, I’ve really found my stride. I now feel genuinely empowered and able to make my mark on the world, knowing that if, or when, doubt creeps in, Ollie is only a phone call away. Investing in a coach – specifically Ollie - has been the most liberating and rewarding thing I’ve done for myself, and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Howard Rees
Howard Rees
immediate next step in my career, but also fundamentally changing my relationship with my work and my understanding of myself. I feel a greater sense of purpose and control over my career, a clearer understanding of my value, and what to focus on in the future. I would recommend Ollie’s coaching to anyone that is looking to better understand how to get more out of their career and the rest of life.
Nic Chambers
Nic Chambers
I met Ollie at a rather stressful time in my career and transition period. He made me realise some opportunities in front of me and re-contextualise a few issues I thought I was having into superhero powers! His unique way of identifying & framing routes for development really helped shape my personal future into something I'm proud of. Ollie's an all-round awesome dude and I'll have the pleasure of working with him, and his stellar energy, again soon! 👊🏻
Azhur Saleem
Azhur Saleem
Ollie was a fantastic coach, helping me to figure out how to overcome the obstacles that were both external and internal in taking the next steps in my career. He was enthusiastic and welcoming and listened to the issues I had and worked with me to understand how best to work through them. Speak with Ollie was one of the best decisions I made for my career and since working with him, I've gone on to reach the success I was looking for in the television industry.

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