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You’re great at what you do, but we want you to become the Hero of your own career.

Welcome to Better Work Heroes, a place to help you achieve a fulfilling career that works for you.

We believe everybody has the right and the ability to create a career they love.

We don’t stop there though. Some of the methods we use with coaching clients to get them their dream careers roll over into life in general. We find that optimising a career unlocks greater fulfilment in all other aspects of life.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

Farrah Gray

That’s where we come to you. You are a Hero. We aim to help Heroes like you get the most out of a career, just as you deserve.

Better Work Heroes is all about:

  • Overcoming obstacles to your progress.
  • Finding, and excelling at, your dream career.
  • Maximising the potential within you to enjoy your career at it’s fullest.

What we do is simplify the process of how you actually make that exciting journey towards what you know you could become at your most awesome.

We use tried and tested methods with our clients to achieve this. We also show you how you can make these improvements yourself.

Everything we recommend here, we have implemented into our own lives and we’ve gained real-life feedback from ourselves and our coaching clients.

The hero’s journey is different for everyone. But building your unique map towards career greatness should be a simple process and this is what we have done with hundreds of people.

We guide you, mentor you and drive you towards the ultimate goal of being a better human by starting with your perfect career and then adding in life-enhancing hacks that will blow your mind!

Use Better Work Heroes as your guide on the hero’s journey.

Are you ready for the next level?