Better Work Heroes is run by Ollie and James, both of whom are passionate about helping everyone that comes into their world accomplish fulfilling careers.

We started off on our own journey several years ago in jobs we didn’t really enjoy. The future looked pretty uninspiring, so we decided to find a better path. We both started researching and practising ways to improve our careers and lives.

By optimising our careers, we found a huge, positive impact on our lives in general. It was obvious that designing the right career has a profound influence on every other aspect of a person’s life.

We didn’t want to stop at career optimisation though, so we started diving deeper into any methods we could find on improving quality of life. This ranged from the incredibly simple (drinking enough water throughout the day) to the incredibly ridiculous (following a Dutchman up a mountain in just shorts and boots).

We believe there is no need for a distinction between optimising how you work and optimising how you live. There are a lot of crossovers.

During the process, we both discovered our dream careers. Ollie became a career and leadership coach, James became a writer and digital marketer. We both became better work pioneers, constantly searching for the best methods to make work awesome!

We came together to start Better Work Heroes through a combination of Ollie’s success at changing the lives of his career coaching clients and James’ desire to create an online community that expands the reach of career coaching to as many people as possible.

Ollie is changing the lives of hundreds of people, but what if we could change a million people’s lives by optimising their careers?

That’s our first goal, who knows where it could lead after that.

We believe everybody has the right and the ability to create a career they love.

By sharing our experience and knowledge on career change and better work practices, we want to show everybody that it is possible to become a better work hero.