What is the Definition of Career Change?

We need to clear this up. We used to find ourselves, at Better Work Heroes, switching between different definitions of what a career change is.  What we want is for everyone to achieve a career that they love.  That can be many things: Making your current career better. Finding a better career to move into. … Read more


11 Clear Signs You Need a Career Change

It’s not easy to take that first step towards a career change. There seem to be so many factors that are working against you, but what is the alternative? Sticking to a job that sucks the life out of you, that impacts your whole life, that doesn’t allow you to live a fulfilling life. Career … Read more


Moving From Fear of Failure to Excellence

Fear of failure is simply the first step on the way to excelling. It’s a pretty big, stubborn step, but a step nonetheless. This is how I view the journey from fear of failure to excellence: Fear of failure -> Failing -> Learning -> Excelling. I have suffered depression as a result of fearing to … Read more


The 6 Keystones of Good Health

Healthy food, exercise, good sleep. We all know these things are important to good health but it seems so hard to get them right and are there other important things we should think about?

There are so many conflicting opinions on which foods to eat, how to go about your exercise, how to get good sleep as well as what other things are important to live a healthy life.

There must be a simple way to get all this right, surely?

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Finding Your Superpower

So often we ignore what makes us special, or worse still, we don’t even know about it. I had to have it pointed out to me that I had a way with written words. It was a best friend’s wife who commented that I always wrote something eloquent on a birthday or Christmas card. I … Read more

Imposter syndrome mask

Dealing with Your Inner Critics: Imposter Syndrome

I’m an imposter. I feel it almost every day. Every time I call a coaching client I get that feeling that they shouldn’t be paying me to help them. It doesn’t last long because I’ve become nimble at circumventing these thoughts and getting on with my job. Have you ever felt like an imposter? You’ve … Read more

Experiment on Yourself 2

How to Experiment on Yourself for a Better Life

Whether you are well on your way to self improvement nirvana or just starting off on your journey, there is always room for a bit of scientific experimentation. We are constantly fed information about what is the best way to live our lives. Whether it is about what food to eat and when to eat … Read more

tribe of success seekers

How to Achieve Big Career Goals by Changing Your Environment

I’m sure you can bring to mind a really big goal you want to achieve. Something that is radically different from what you have right now. What would it feel like to achieve it? Setting goals is an important tool for moving forward in life, succeeding in our career and generally becoming a better person. … Read more