How To Change Careers With No Relevant Experience

You’re getting stuck into your search for a new job on a different career path but you keep getting hit with the same problem. Every job description asks for experience in a relevant role. You’ve never done anything like these roles before, so how are you going to change careers with no relevant experience? It’s … Read more


Work v Life. Who Wins?

I’ve always found it strange when the topic of work-life balance comes up. It suggests you can’t have the best of both worlds. There always has to be a compromise. Work is always pitted up against life as if, most commonly, work is the dark side and life is the light. The average person spends … Read more


The 9 Fundamentals of Networking

There are a ton of great ways to go about building a strong network, and so many great reasons why you should. But throughout all of this, there are some fundamental aspects you need to keep in mind that will help you end up with a network that changes your career and even your life. … Read more


The Hidden Benefits of a Strong Network

We all know the importance of a good network to your job search. However, It is so much more than just getting that next job. What if I told you that networking is fun, that you can design your career, that you can meet the love of your life, that you can change your life … Read more


How to Transform Your Career by Writing Your Autobiography

You don’t need to climb Everest or be a celebrity to write an autobiography. Everyone has a story and you will never know what hidden insights are locked within yours until you write it. Personally, I am somewhat familiar with reading autobiographies as I have done this exercise with every single one of my career … Read more


Who Is Your Future Self?

Who are you going to be in the future? I think most of us hope that our future self is a better person, but we tend not to put much thought into who they actually are. But what if your future self became the thing you thought most about? Or at least the thing most … Read more