Alessandra’s Story

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Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer)

What was the coaching for?:
⦁ To get a fulfilling investment position after I spent 6 months unsuccessfully trying to get a job, after coming over from Brazil and giving up my successful career in investment banking.
⦁ To build confidence back after it had reached an all-time low.
⦁ How to find my way when I felt lost in the UK job market, understand my relevant experience and how to get a similar / better job in the UK.

What have I achieved – high level?:
⦁ I have received a job offer, negotiated a better salary and we have set up a plan for how best to start this role.
⦁ I have learned how to network. I have connections I didn’t have before in the UK and Brazil!
⦁ I have a better self-awareness. I better understand now what are my main strengths!
⦁ I have learned about the UK job market.

How have I changed / what have I learned?:
⦁ I feel confident for interviews and new connections.
⦁ Networking is not that difficult after all. If you are an experienced professional, you don’t necessarily need a course or a qualification to enter into the UK job market, you need connections.
⦁ I understand that I am unique and I know my strengths.

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:

⦁ My husband is happy and doesn’t feel the breadwinner pressure.

⦁ for my Children this process has been interesting because they have participated a lot. They have realized you have to work hard to get a job and that being persistent is important.

⦁ Colleagues/ Strangers/ People who I barely know – it has been an interesting journey. I was impressed by how many people who didn’t know me well took risks for me (i.e strongly recommending me to someone that was valuable to them while they didn’t know me that well). Life is full of surprises. I won’t forget these people.

“I strongly recommend Oliver as a career coach. When I moved from Brazil to the UK, I decided to hire a coach to support me with the transition. Sessions with him were fun, interesting and inspiring. They started with lots of question marks and ended with clarity, confidence and enthusiasm. I couldn’t have had a better experience and recommend Oliver to anyone who wants to think strategically about their careers.”