Alistair’s Story

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Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer)

What was the coaching for?:

  • To create a fulfilling and exciting current and future career and wider life.
  • How to enhance performance, impact and success. Building my leadership style and the latest performance techniques.
  • Building a tribe of inspiring relationships around me. How to network, create a compelling CV, LinkedIn and more

What have I achieved – high level?:

  • I have created a more fulfilling and high paid role at my current company and have an exciting future plan with a roadmap to get there.
  • We added into my skillset all of top leadership enhancing tools and strategies, which is completely transforming my work and life impact.
  • I have transformed all of my relationships to work for me in a very mutually positive way.
  • I moved into a space of continual learning and have created a powerful routine that has enhanced resilience and positivity.

How have I changed / what have I learned?:

  • Complete life turnaround!

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:

  • My friends have taken advice and look to me as a person who really has it together.
  • It has given people I have met inspiration with their similar challenges.
  • My girlfriend began to look after herself better and take her health more seriously.

“I had 9 sessions with Ollie. To say my time with Ollie was life changing would be an understatement. From session one Ollie was on a mission to change my life around and his intuitive and energetic nature made it very easy to work with him. I was stagnant and unhappy with my life purpose and had no idea how to move forward. Ollie helped bridge that gap, by giving me realistic and practical ways to improve my life and propelling me forward using my own knowledge and skills. Ollie was a great tool in making me realise my own potential and giving me amazing techniques that I had never heard of, whilst giving me challenges along the way, altogether giving me more confidence and positive focus to nail my goals and start loving life.”