Lottie’s Story

career coach, career coaching, executive coaching, group coaching, leadership coaching, meditation exercises, personal branding

Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer)

What was the coaching for?:

  • What work to do as feeling restricted and trapped in my career as a teacher
  • How to create my dream of becoming an entrepreneur?
  • How to build my businesses

What have I achieved – high level?:

  • Building a compelling vision of what I really want to do
  • Leaving my job as a teacher
  • Building a successful tutoring business
  • Creating an award winning screen free children’s bitesize math programme, featured in The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, Woman’s Own, Evening Standard, The Independent and Indy Best

How have I changed / what have I learned?:

  • I am now living my dream
  • I feel relaxed and confident
  • I have freedom in my life

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:

  • My husband is building his own freedom by supporting me building the businesses I have created
  • I have also inspired him to build his own drone photography business, allowing him to combine his strengths and interests and move into freedom too

Put simply, coaching with Ollie changed my life. His enthusiasm is contagious & invigorating in equal measure & our time together enabled me to create a new life for myself. I am now living my dream of running my own business – something I would never have thought possible without Ollie’s expert coaching. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”