Martin’s Story

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Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer).

What was the coaching for?:

  • Decide whether to stay at my current job or move to a different job and then act on it.
  • Have a clear idea of what I want from work and home life and where the balancing point is between them.
  • Finding things that I like to do, build into the schedule.
  • Build in powerful habits.

What have I achieved?:

  • My new work has been amazing ā€“ I am already making a positive contribution and building new great connections.
  • Built my own success cycle from maintaining diet and fitness, following the plan we created, building mental health, building relationships ā€“ will help me to support others more ā€“ more impact and performance.
  • Every part of my life has moved forward.
  • I am doing what I always wanted to do in the areas I wanted to do.

How have I changed / what have I learned?:

  • I feel positive and that I can make the changes I want
  • Moving past Imposter syndrome by focusing on just giving value
  • Enhanced decision making and action-taking by following and acting on my values

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:

  • Me being less of a grump and more present has allowed my wife to stop propping me up and spend her energy on her own career transformation by launching a new successful business.
  • I am a happier and more tolerable husband and father at home.
  • Iā€™m now making a positive contribution at work, helping others and my clients get the best out of themselves and their data.

“Ollie is a transformational coach. He helped me find an exciting career trajectory that aligns with my values. I recommend him to anyone wanting to breathe new life into their career.

Ollie has a huge amount of energy, optimism & cheerfulness which is exceedingly infectious. He shares these qualities with his clients in spades. I left each coaching session with a spring in my step eager to meet my next challenge. He helped me out of my comfort zone & inspires me to keep pushing step by step to achieve my goals.

Ollie’s coaching has been fantastic & has opened my eyes to spot & exploit the myriad opportunities that were previously passing me by.

Engage Ollie as your coach, you will not regret it.”