Nic’s Story

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Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer)

What was the coaching for?:
I was feeling stuck in my career and struggling to cope with the demands of work and becoming a parent. I was low on confidence with no grasp on how to make a change and go in a different direction.

What have I achieved – high level?:
I have come a long way from where I started. I have now resigned, working as a freelance journalist, have secured money owed to me, more confident and clearer about my pathway and what makes me tick.

How have I changed / what have I learned?:
I am much more conscious of the value of my skills and experience and clear on where I am really good at something and how valuable that is. It used to be the other way around, I was looking at all the things where I wasn’t good, or things I couldn’t do and really downplaying the incredibly valuable and rare set of skills and experience I do have.

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:
My wife is very happy as I am a better person to be around, and will be able to take pressure off the family as I can help/be at home now. Friends are excited for me and among colleagues a bit of respect that I am making a change after so long at one place.

“My confidence at a low ebb, I was feeling increasingly insecure in a job I had been doing for more than 10 years & I was unsure on how to make a change. A year on & my career, health & family life have been genuinely transformed in the most remarkable & positive way. Oliver is impactful & perceptive. In every session he had a unique ability to get to the heart of what was holding me back & what steps I could take to progress & change. His programme is personalised & forensic in its attention to detail & expands way beyond moving you into your next job. I have come away from the sessions more resilient, with a deeper understanding & control of my motivations, emotions & what really matters to me. I also come away from the programme with a toolbox of skills & knowledge that will serve me a family for years & years to come, in every facet of my life, whether it be personal or professional. Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the immense value of the network & encyclopaedic performance reading list that Oliver has shared with me over the last few months. The investment in the time with Oliver has already delivered huge benefits that continue to compound. What a wonderful & energising journey it has been!”