Accelerator Group

  • Would you like to have more energy, greater focus and improved overall mood every day in return for a commitment of 5 minutes a day (approximately 30 mins a week)?
  • There are so many things you know you should be doing for your own benefit but never get around to. When you eventually do, it’s often hard to stick to it consistently, especially with high workloads to deal with.
  • We believe we’ve created the most user-friendly system to ensure people stay on course with their physical and cognitive development.
  • A focus on improving your body and mind leads to greater efficiencies in the way you work and get things done. A small investment in time spent on yourself results in huge improvements in the way you work.
  • The knock-on effect is to give you time back with which you can re-invest in yourself and exponentially grow your time-freedom-vitality spiral!
  • Benefit from a powerful connection with a group of other awesome likeminded people.
  • We have been getting amazing results with high-level professionals and CEOs from HSBC, John Lewis, Barclays and many more blue chip companies. It was these kinds of clients that pushed us to develop the accelerator group as they had no idea how to develop cognitive and physical health as well as performance alongside high workloads.
  • Get in touch about joining our next cohort to kick-start and supercharge your personal development!

How the accelerator group has supercharged our clients:

“This has been one of the few daily routines that I’ve managed to regularly maintain over a long period of time. The simplicity and speed of the exercises means I can always fit it in in the mornings – easier to commit to even when I’m not in the mood and I’m trying to make excuses not to do it. It is particularly noticeable when I wake up feeling drained and lethargic. It really shifts my mood.

The other really important aspect for longevity is the daily check in with the group.

A brilliantly simple tool to kickstart the day and build a good level of fitness and focus with minimal input!”


“I really value this group and it’s impressive how we’ve been doing this for 6 months!”


“For the first time in my life I have stuck to an exercise habit every day for more than 3 months. In fact, it has now been 6 months and I’m still going!

The ‘never-go-to-zero’ philosophy has been a game changer for me as well as having such a great group of people along for the ride!”


Get in touch to express your interest or find out more.

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