Career Coaching

Whether you have no idea what to do with your career or know that you need to make a change, we will help you find the most inspiring path. You choose where you want to focus and you will be guided every step of the way, finding work that is meaningful and enjoyable for you, including:

Understanding the work you were meant to do

  • Our tried and tested process leaves no stone unturned in your investigation to create clarity of what compelling work looks like for you, in line with your interests, strengths, passions and more
  • Building your career blueprint, roadmap and authentic brand in line with your values and larger purpose, so you can clearly see where you are going and have an achievable action plan with the confidence and guidance to carry it out

Bringing your new career to life

  • Cutting edge expertise and techniques in networking, job hunting, CV optimisation, interviewing to securing the job, negotiating terms, salary and beyond. We will guide you with everything you need to make your exciting new career path a reality
  • On your terms - We do it your way, in a practical way that works for you, for example, this is can done in tandem with your current job, then when you feel ready, you can jump straight into your new career. We will also support you with the exit plan from your current job
  • Supercharge your career from every angle, including discovering your optimum authentic leadership style, enhancing your performance and confidence, shaping your current role to work better for you whilst bringing it altogether with life coaching. Clients love how much extra value is created by working on everything together

See our Leadership Coaching, business coaching and Accelerator programmes for more exciting things we can add into this programme.

Programmes are completely bespoke ranging from 90 minutes for specific career challenges to the signature 12 hours full Career Coaching Programme.

To make the most of it, we suggest you take advantage of our free 30-minute discovery session to really understand your pain points and then jump into the sessions for maximum impact!

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Exciting client feedback from our Career Coaching

“Oliver was an absolute godsend at a time when I felt utterly lost in my career.”


“Ollie undoubtedly helped me to secure my next role.”


“I consider Ollie as my go-to on career issues.”


“Georgina both in person and online…has a wealth of resources & materials to share.”


“Quite simply I’m a better & happier person in a better & happier place.”


“My career, health & family life have been genuinely transformed in the most remarkable & positive way.”


“If you are going through a period of significant change & uncertainty in your career or in life in general then I cannot recommend talking to Oliver enough.”


What can you do now?

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