Leadership, Executive & Performance Coaching

Do you feel you are capable of so much more? This programme is designed to step by step show you how to access, understand and showcase your unique leadership strengths, organically leading to higher performance.

Building practical solutions to your individual challenges and creating your winning strategy, taking it into the world, so you can get real life benefits straight away on your impact and connection with others. This is about output maximisation in minimal amounts of time!

For the ultimate leadership and performance review, we use an extensive blend, including:

  • Enhancing connection, higher impact communication and confidence with senior leaders, presentations, meetings, within your team and with clients
  • Getting your voice heard, personal branding and then getting noticed
  • Upgrading output to the next level by strengthening organisation and taking time back with enhanced decision making and delegation
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult conversations
  • Optimising your leadership style and understanding the leadership styles of those around you to build your confidence and performance and your teams
  • Stress reduction and dealing with overwhelm
  • The most successful leaders spend time networking and learning, we will show you how to do this in a way that works for your way of operating

Leadership, high performance and shaping your current role is the main focus, but we also make sure you are soaring forwards towards your biggest future career and life aspirations. Our programmes are always blended, see our Career Coaching, Business and Accelerator programmes for more exciting things we can add into this programme.

Programmes are completely bespoke ranging from 90 minutes for specific leadership challenges to the signature 12 hours full Leadership Coaching Programme.

To make the most of it, we suggest you take advantage of our free 30-minute discovery session to really understand your pain points and then jump into the sessions for maximum impact!

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Exciting client feedback from our leadership coaching

“Ollie has been fantastic to work with. For anyone wanting to focus on leadership & unlocking their potential I can thoroughly recommend! Thank you Ollie.”


“All backed up by his knowledge of the science & research behind the methods. He helped me uncover my professional strengths & personal qualities, discover my leadership style & expand upon it & map a course towards my goals, along with useful tools for building confidence & staying focused.”


“It’s hard to put into words how life-changing it has been to work with Ollie. He helped me understand my core skills & strengths, developed my leading high performing teams, to focus where I can add the most value, the list is endless…to cope with high pressure situations, manage stress, time-saving hacks. His depth of knowledge on leadership theory & passion meant he was able to share inspiring & appropriately timed lessons, books, & tips in every session.”


“I’ve not only improved significantly when it comes to fulfilling my work responsibilities, but I’ve managed to go beyond them & become a leader with a distinct style.”


“My saboteurs have been put to ground for good.”


What can you do now?

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