Find The Work You Are Meant To Do.

The Career Scriptwriting Program gets to the heart of what is wrong with your current career and helps you design and start implementing a better career.

The Career Scriptwriting Program is an 8-week course to help you establish a clear, concise and exciting direction for your future career.

You will write a script that will guide you all the way from where you are now to where you want to be.

The course is designed to make sure you:

  • Find the career path that fits your unique skills, needs and desires.
  • Discover exactly what you need to do to achieve your best career in the short, medium and long term.
  • Gain confidence that you can make your career transformation without risk and with maximum impact.
  • Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of the career you deserve.

“I was feeling increasingly insecure in a job I had been doing for more than 10 years and I was unsure of how to make a change. A year on and my career, health and family life have been genuinely transformed in the most remarkable and positive way.”

Nicholas Neveling

Do you feel like you’re ready to do big things, but have no idea where to start?

You know something isn’t right with your current career, even though you’ve done your best and achieved so much.

But what could life be like if you were doing something that lit you up? Something that gets you out of bed in the morning without wanting to hit snooze.

It’s a nice thought. But it’s just a thought right now. How exactly do you turn it into reality?

Where do you even start so that you get this right and don’t end up doing something equally frustrating?

We’ve been there and come out the other side so that we can help you now.

The Career Scriptwriting Program is a detailed, intensive online course that will give you complete clarity on where your career is going.

It is an 8-week program designed to bring you…


Get complete clarity on a career path that is both what you want and what is best for you.


Gain complete confidence that you are going in the right direction and have the ability to do it.


Start on a career path that is designed to fit into your life purpose (and discover what that is!)


Know exactly what you need to do next to start this exciting journey towards a future you’ve designed.


Get to the heart of what is holding you back and design your career script to ensure you succeed.


Write a career script that allows you to act upon what is most important to you.

…so that you can achieve a fulfilling, impactful career.

Ready to begin your Career Scriptwriting Journey Now?

…or keep reading for more details on our three-step process and meet your course coaches.

You will be guided through our 3-step process

Understand Your Current Script

  • Understand what has led you to be in your current situation and why you have followed the career path you have.
  • Get to the heart of what is most important to you in work and life.
  • Start generating the creative ideas for your new script.
  • Introduce some high-impact fixes to anything that is holding you back.

Draw Out Your Scriptwriting Cues

  • Narrow down exactly what you need to have in your future career script.
  • Embrace the skills you have and discover ones you never knew you had.
  • Find out what your life purpose is and how to use it.
  • Find and tap into your inner hero, who will guide you and drive you onwards towards your future career.

Write Your New Career Script

  • Bring together your creative ideas and your scriptwriting cues to draft 3-5 new career scripts.
  • Use a unique technique to try out each script and choose your best option.
  • Write your new career script in acts that cover the short, medium and long term.
  • Start directing your superhero movie with ACTION!

Meet Your Career Scriptwriting Coaches

Oliver Holloway

Oliver has successfully supported hundreds of talented individuals from all around the globe to create work that they love.

He is a CTI qualified career coach and creates bespoke coaching programs for clients.

Having also experienced his own change from an accountancy career, he is ideally placed to help you on your career journey.

James Hale

James is the co-creator of the Career Scriptwriting Program and a career coach that concentrates on helping people develop their own online business.

James is another career-changer that has experienced many transitions until he found the ideal path.

He is determined to see that everybody has the opportunity to experience a career they love.

Course Modules

Module 1

Introduction to the program and then getting stuck straight in with generating your creative ideas. You will carry out a unique exercise to delve into your past. [5 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

Module 2

Uncovering exactly what your core values are, which will be used to help guide your thoughts throughout the program. You will also do a powerful exercise to start removing any obstacles that might hold you back. [4 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

Module 3

You will meet your Inner Hero, who is your constant guide, mentor and cheerleader. We take you through a unique exercise to discover you at your best. [2 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

Module 4

Draw out your strengths, skills, driving forces and achievements. You might think you know them already, but there are always hidden talents and motivations that get uncovered. [4 lessons, 1 workbook, 4 exercises]

Module 5

Find your life purpose. What you were put on this planet to do with your life. Then piece together what a perfect day in your future, that fulfils this life purpose, looks like to you. [3 lessons, 1 workbook, 3 exercises]

Module 6

Throughout the program, you will be filling up your scriptwriting cues. You will now bring together your scriptwriting cues and your creative ideas to write your draft scripts using powerful exercises. [3 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

Module 7

You will prioritise the key elements of your draft scripts and write your best career script. From this, you will have a clear direction for your career. [4 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

Module 8

You have your script, you know what your career path is. It’s time to be the director of your movie and shout “ACTION!”. You will generate action steps for the short, medium and long term. [4 lessons, 1 workbook, 2 exercises]

What’s Included:

  • Lifetime access to 8 program modules and 30 lessons that will hold your hand through the process of discovering and planning a career that works for you.
  • 10 coaching videos and audio recordings to help you complete the exercises with confidence and clarity.
  • 8 editable workbooks, one for each module, that will guide you and allow you to collect your findings. These will connect together to form your career scriptwriting master document.
  • 8 Powerful energy-enhancing and focusing practices to try out and introduce to your life as you see fit. These will supercharge the program and your life.
  • Regular guidance emails that will bring further exercises, motivation and accountability.
  • Membership to a private Slack community to discuss your journey with us and fellow career changers.


Career Scriptwriting Program


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