Case Studies & Videos


Lottie's Story

From Teacher to award winning business owner and entrepreneur.

“Restricted and trapped in my career as a teacher. How to create my dream of becoming an entrepreneur?”


Shiten's Story

From Redundant to building his own successful business supporting the innovation / IT sector.

“The most important aspect for me was focusing on my goals but not in a clinical, standardised or traditional way.”


Alessandra's Story

From unable to find a job to building a successful investment banking career.

“I wanted to get a fulfilling investment position after I spent 6 months unsuccessfully trying to get a job and to build confidence back after it had reached an all-time low.”


Martin's Story

From toiling in a senior IT position that felt like a chore to finding a tribe and playing to his strengths.

“Decide whether to stay at my current job or move and then act on it. I wanted a clear idea of what I want from work and home life”


Nic's Story

From Corporate to Freelance Journalist.

“I was unhappy in work, anxious, feeling overworked, low on confidence, knocked down by my bosses and no idea how to change it or what the alternative could be”.


Alistair's Story

From stagnant and unhappy in current role and relationships to complete work and life turnaround.

“I wanted to create a fulfilling and exciting current and future career and wider life.”