Corporate Package

  • We have worked with hundreds of people from all over the world, from senior managers to CEOs to improve their performance and help with career progression within their companies.
  • We can work with your whole team, or individuals within your team, to accelerate their development into top performers.
  • Many employees love to receive coaching in this way as their company demonstrates interest and support in their continued development.
  • Everybody wins. Companies see massive progress among their employees and employees experience enhanced growth, performance and development.
  • Our coaching is not scripted, we get to the heart of what is really needed and make real progress in many areas including:
    - supporting high potential employees to get to the next level.
    - next level of leadership or team responsibility, people-management and dealing with changes in roles.
    - key skills (from successfully presenting in front of large audiences, networking, building personal brand to getting much more done in less time).
    - enhancing energy and focus through our cutting-edge coaching methods.
  • This is all carried out in a way that is totally bespoke to you. This could be:
    - Group days
    - Individual coaching
    - Coaching with the senior team

Exciting results from our corporate coaching

“I’ve not only improved significantly when it comes to fulfilling my work responsibilities, but I’ve managed to go beyond them & become a leader with a distinct style.”


“Ollie has been fantastic to work with. For anyone wanting to focus on leadership & unlocking their potential I can thoroughly recommend! Thank you Ollie.”


“Be ready for transformation with Oliver, you will not regret it.”


“All backed up by his knowledge of the science & research behind the methods. He helped me uncover my professional strengths & personal qualities, discover my leadership style & expand upon it & map a course towards my goals, along with useful tools for building confidence & staying focused.”


“It’s hard to put into words how life-changing it has been to work with Ollie. He helped me understand my core skills & strengths, developed my leading high performing teams, to focus where I can add the most value, the list is endless…to cope with high pressure situations, manage stress, time-saving hacks. His depth of knowledge on leadership theory & passion meant he was able to share inspiring & appropriately timed lessons, books, & tips in every session.”


“I can’t recommend Ollie more highly. His infectious positivity is electrifying & energising which, believe me, is a breath of fresh air. He’s supremely practical & organised & understands corporate & SME pressures.”


“Ollie is a transformational coach. I recommend him to anyone wanting to breathe new life into their career. I left each coaching session with a spring in my step eager to meet my next challenge. He helped me out of my comfort zone & inspires me to keep pushing step by step to achieve my goals.”


“Ollie worked with me using an array of techniques to map out a clear path to achieve my goals & to celebrate the successes along the way. Working with Ollie has been a great experience & I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their career to the next level.”


“After a short time of working with Georgina, both myself & the office began to notice a big difference in my confidence. I felt so lucky to have met Georgina & to have worked so closely with her. I think everyone needs a Georgina in their lives.”


“Helped me to value my unique skills & strengths & devise a strategy for using them more effectively at work.”


“Working with Oliver has been a great experience that has changed me deeply. He is a great motivator & a brilliant coach. His empathy skills combined with good structured approach & clever tips are the keys of his brilliant success. I would recommend him to anyone willing to boost his/her personal & professional development path.”


Get in touch to express your interest or find out more.

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