Georgina Holloway

What is your Inspirational Life?

This is so unique to everyone.

I am driven by freedom, family, creativity and a career I love. These are my values, my Inspirational Life.

Life is about living your values to the full otherwise life can feel like it’s crumbling away.

This is where I love reconnecting people to their values, their goals, their purpose and dreams…. their Inspirational Life!

In my bespoke coaching, I feel privileged to be able to propel people positivity forwards and marvel at the amazing feats they achieve in their careers and lives!

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support in getting me to where I am today. You have been the most supportive and encouraging coach I could have wished for.”


I can’t wait for you to join me on the adventure!

Built from my powerful foundation in psychosocial sciences, top coaching, performance and career methodologies, nursing, family life and childbirth, together we will supercharge all the areas of your life.

Let’s deep dive into who you are and resurface the gold nuggets that may have been submerged by self-limiting beliefs or beaten down by stressful work or other people.

I will give you the specialised tools and skills to re-set your life, re-energise your spirit and see your confidence take off and soar!

“Once again, felt immensely grateful for all your help. I just thought I’d say how awesome my life is and thank you for helping me get here!”


It can often feel overwhelming, but you are not alone anymore. We will take it step-by-step and put you back in control of your work and home life.

It won’t stop there, you will revel in throwing off the status quo and creating your own rules, with the coaching journey guiding you through an array of tantalising areas. From enhancing your unique leadership style to understanding and enriching work and home life relationships.

What’s more the ride is fun! You will laugh, you will discover hidden excitement and you will love the new sense of balance and empowerment in your life.

I love helping my clients on many inspiring adventures, some of mine have included:

  • Being part of an expedition to Antarctica… travelling on a Russian ice breaker ship, surrounded by lots of ice and penguins!
  • Creating my own exciting business from scratch.
  • Helping save a dying person’s life in the Galapagos Islands – 10 hours from the nearest port… yes they did live – hooray!
  • Free birthing at home without a midwife.
  • Being a mother of 3.
  • Creating a unique and empowering childhood for my children.
  • Being an Intensive Care Nurse.
  • A Nursing placement in Russia.
  • Continuously challenging the status quo!

“When I first started seeing Georgina the idea of going into the world of work completely overwhelmed me and I had no idea of where to start. At that time there was no way I could imagine that my life could possibly be as happy and well balanced as it is now.

Being in a really negative work environment had really put me off going to another job, the thought was terrifying. When I left my employer I had lost confidence in myself and my ability to put myself out there. This filtered through to the rest of my life and the longer I put off finding another job, the worse things became.

Since seeing Georgina I have got my confidence back and now am working and happy in a really good job. Georgina worked with me at my own pace. Through various exercises she has helped me realise what an amazing person I am. I know that sounds a bit over the top but she has made me believe in myself and recognise the importance of all the small things that I dismissed as nothing, but should be celebrated as achievements.

Georgina has helped me recognise my strengths, both in personality and work skills, which has enabled me to envision amazing future goals and paths in life and how I can start my journey now.

Even if I’m having a bad day, I always leave Georgina with a smile on my face. I always leave feeling incredibly happy with an ‘I can do anything’ attitude.”


To start building your Inspirational Life, or to chat it through contact me at:

[email protected]