The Hidden Benefits of a Strong Network

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We all know the importance of a good network to your job search. However, It is so much more than just getting that next job.

What if I told you that networking is fun, that you can design your career, that you can meet the love of your life, that you can change your life completely.

The art of networking is a practice we should all make a part of day-to-day life because it is important in so many ways. It doesn’t have to be restricted to your work and it doesn’t have to be boring.

The fact that it will make your job search easier is just an added bonus.

It Will Make Your Life Better

Let’s go straight for the good stuff. A well-procured network does not only benefit your career, it will make your life better. You are looking to build relationships in your network and these often turn into friendships as you discover shared interests.

Connections with other people are what make life better. As soon as you think like this, your networking takes on a whole new meaning and accelerates.

When you realise that finding connections, shared interests and passions with people is something that can spark joy in your life, then nothing will stop you building a powerful network.

You Will Grow and So Will Your Wealth

The more work you put into adding the right people to your network, the more opportunities and serendipities come your way.

You will have moments when you realise you could start a business with someone. You will find people that help you grow as a person. You will attract people that help you grow your wealth in ways you never considered. 

“Your network is your net worth.”

Tim Sanders

You’ve probably heard that quote a million times and glazed over at the sound of it. But when you actually experience a strong network in action, it becomes incredibly meaningful.

The key is to add diversity to your network so that you open doors to previously inaccessible aspects of your career and life.

You Could Find The Love Of Your Life

I’ve seen it happen. A strong network relies on super-connectors who are people that are great at, well, matchmaking! Sometimes it is matchmaking people that can help each other in business, sometimes it is with love!

But that’s not all. By involving yourself in networking you will build up confidence. The more you talk to people, the more you seek connections and ask for help, the more confident you will get. If you’re prepared to go up to someone and introduce yourself in a business context, asking for their number to keep in touch, then you can do the same for someone you’re attracted to!

You Can Design Your Career

This is loosely related to a job search, but in a totally supercharged way where you get to choose the people you work with. When you’re looking for work you usually find a role you want and then see if you get on with the people you work with. Imagine if you found the people you want to work with first and then find opportunities to work with them.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

That is what a strong network can help you with. The more work you put into your network, the greater the chance of this happening. In fact, if you are networking the right way, building relationships and helping people out, these opportunities come thick and fast.

Helping Other People Feels So Good

It’s cliche, but it’s true. It feels good to help other people. With a strong, diverse network you can be regularly recommending people’s services and literally change their lives.

If someone is struggling with a job search, you can help them out by connecting them with relevant people or asking your network to help connect them. If someone is starting a business, you can help them find customers, partners, investors within your network.

Guess what, these people will be eternally grateful and will likely help you out in the future.

It’s Fun

Did nobody tell you this?

Is your image of networking is going to an organised event, exchanging meaningless small talk with several people while collecting business cards, then heading back to the office never to talk to these people again?

That’s not networking, that is pretending to network.

Networking is about building relationships, it doesn’t have to happen at a conference (although these are obviously great places to do it and there are good ways to go about it). It can happen at a friend’s barbecue, it can happen on a climbing wall, it can happen on the train on the way to work.

Your network should be filled with people that you enjoy spending time with, people that share your values and interests, people that you admire. Why should meeting people like this not be fun?

Do you get the idea that a network is about so much more than just jobs yet?

A powerful network is something that everyone should be starting, growing and nurturing throughout their lives.  It will pay off many times over.

And it’s fun to do.

That’s what you might call a win-win scenario.