Oliver has successfully supported 300+ talented individuals from all around the globe to create work and lives that they love, while enhancing their leadership impact.

Being an expert in combining career transition / development with leadership coaching, he has 3500+ hours of coaching experience.

He creates bespoke coaching programs for highly talented professionals, business owners and corporate companies who want to get to the next level or feel overwhelmed by their current situation. Oliver’s contagious motivation and energy helps pinpoint the challenges that are holding clients back and design a future so irresistible they are able to kick over whatever is in their way!

Oliver has helped many clients become Award-winning in their industries, from being in DataIQ 100 to analysts of the year.

He wants his clients to get as much as they can out of the program so he blends leadership, career transition, life coaching, stress resilience and the latest in biohacking and learning to get maximum impact in their lives. This supercharges productivity, confidence and achieves personal success for his clients.

Learning obsessed, he has never spoken a word of English to his children, only Spanish and French, so they can be trilingual. Reading a performance book a week, he draws on the latest in science, creativity & productivity, diet & exercise, trialling and testing everything on himself & then tailoring the most powerful techniques for his clients to create their own personal version of optimal performance.


  • CTI Certified Coach
  • Fireworks Career Transition Coach
  • Specialist in the 8 Dimensions of Leadership process and approach
  • Breathwork expert, trained with Wim Hof the Iceman in the frozen Polish mountains
  • Positive Intelligence trained mindset expert
  • Advanced Psych K mindset practitioner
  • FMA Senior Chartered Accountant


  • Natural bio hacking from Speed learning to super charged health and fitness
  • Languages
  • Acoustics guitar / writing own songs / singing
  • Going on adventures from Antarctica to The Galapagos Islands

Ollie has worked with clients from:

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