Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

Our Perfect Day exercise helps you find direction by discovering the career elements you yearn for and then start working towards them.


* cape not included.

This is for you if you:

 Feel lost when thinking about the future of your career.

 Feel stuck in a career you’re not enjoying.

 Feel like you’re not having an impact with your work.

 Or find yourself redundant and do not know where to begin.

In The Perfect Day Exercise, you will:

Visualise your perfect working day.
Instead of trying to think “What do I want to do?”, you start by imagining what you want your day to be like. We help you design this ‘Perfect Day’. It’s all about the experiences in that day rather than what job you’re doing.

Fully understand what your current day looks like.
Not many people take the time to fully understand what goes on in their typical working day and what struggles they face. We guide you through taking charge of your day by understanding every part of it.

Start bridging the gap between them.
You have your perfect day, you know your current day. All that is left is to start bridging the gap between them. We help you create simple, actionable steps to start your journey away from being stuck, lost, unemployed or unfulfilled.

How is The Perfect Day Exercise Delivered?

The Perfect Day exercise comprises an online workbook, which will be sent to you straight away, and a series of coaching emails that will be sent out over a 4-day period.

The combination of the emails and the workbook will guide you through every step of the exercise so that you get the maximum out of it.


* cape not included.