Shiten’s Story

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Duration of coaching / package:
6 months (Career Transformer)

What was the coaching for?:
⦁ To create a fulfilling career, post redundancy.
⦁ To build back my crushed post-redundancy confidence.

What have I achieved – high level?:
⦁ Built my own online business.
⦁ Feeling the best I have felt in my career and life! Really energised and excited for the future. Re-energised confidence and impact in my whole life.
⦁ Massively expanded leadership awareness and impact.

How have I changed / what have I learned?:
⦁ The future looks Amazing, wonderful and fulfilling. I know it is all inside me now.
⦁ I am going to let it grow naturally, without fear or judgement.
⦁ Talking to people and keeping open to other possibilities is energising, it allows you to see other paths. Applying for jobs is not the be-all and end-all.
⦁ I am less fearful of what people think of me. I am also more conscious of my state of
being. I believe I have more patience than I used to, especially with my close family.

What are the wider impacts of the coaching?:
The wider impact has been very positive, very encouraging and very non-judgemental. It’s been wonderful to reconnect with people I haven’t been in touch with for a while. The support people have provided has surprised me also. Back in March/April, I felt quite under a cloud, finding it difficult to think where to start. Meeting and working with you Ollie has been fascinating, enthralling, scary, intriguing and funny, often in the same session!!

“Working with Ollie has been inspirational, I’ve learnt so much in the 5 months we worked together. The most important aspect for me was focusing on my goals but not in a clinical, standardised or traditional way. His holistic method of coaching and very perceptive way of seeing into you was incredible (not easy during lockdown when our sessions were remote over Zoom). It’s clear to me now, career and life are inseparable, this was the key to defining my values and aspirations for my future. I loved the sessions we had and looked forward to the exercises in between our meetings, they were often difficult but always rewarding. Ollie responded when I had questions though, having that support was important. I am now on a path that I feel confident and committed to. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Ollie!”