Client Feedback

We have had the fortune to work with hundreds of fantastic clients.
Here are some of our client Hero journeys.

Put simply, coaching with Ollie changed my life. His enthusiasm is contagious & invigorating in equal measure & our time together enabled me to create a new life for myself. I am now living my dream of running my own business – something I would never have thought possible without Ollie’s expert coaching. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”


“Felt immensely grateful for all your help Georgina. I just thought I’d say how awesome my life is & thank you for helping me get here!


“I had recently moved to London & looking for advice navigating the UK`s job market. In just 9 sessions, Ollie, gave me that & much more! Ollie guided me in a journey of self-discovering that incredibly boosted my self-confidence & inner-peace. He also supported me in shooting down powerful blockages keeping me away of reaching my goals. Today, I know I can make happen whatever I want. It feels great to feel like a super-hero! Ollie is full of enthusiasm, positivism & energy. He will get you out of your comfort zone & closer to your goals. Thanks Ollie!”


“Oliver was my coach for 6 months. I can honestly say he has been pivotal in how I am & how I feel about work & life today. It’s truly life changing. Ollie gave me a safe space to really explore so many aspects of my mind & body that I hadn’t tapped into for a while. He always had my back & I knew I was in a safe space if he took me out of my comfort zone. Now my comfort zone is stretched, I feel I have grown & I truly look forward to my journey ahead.  We need more Oliver’s in this world! I highly recommend him as a coach, if you would like to stretch, grow & be the best version of yourself.”


“Ollie is a transformational coach. He helped me find an exciting career trajectory that aligns with my values. I recommend him to anyone wanting to breathe new life into their career. Ollie has a huge amount of energy, optimism & cheerfulness which is exceedingly infectious. He shares these qualities with his clients in spades. I left each coaching session with a spring in my step eager to meet my next challenge. He helped me out of my comfort zone & inspires me to keep pushing step by step to achieve my goals. Ollie’s coaching has been fantastic & has opened my eyes to spot & exploit the myriad opportunities that were previously passing me by. Engage Ollie as your coach, you will not regret it.”


“Having previously worked with Ollie I was already aware of the passion & enthusiasm with which Ollie pursues life & his approach to coaching is exactly the same. It has been a very rewarding journey & I can say with no doubt that I have learnt a lot about myself & achieved all of the goals I wanted to via the coaching course. Ollie is a very honest, agile & knowledgeable coach, he is also genuinely interested to learn about you & your business. I look forward to working with Ollie again.”


“In my opinion, the key thing with any ‘coaching’ is that you get the right coach. Ollie is a dynamic, driven, client focused coach with a depth of real world experience. He stops at nothing to help you to get the best out of yourself & his passion is infectious. This aside, he is also practical. Little steps at a time building up into a much bigger picture. Thank you for your support & I look forward to working with you again.”


“Ollie is an extraordinary individual; he combines great intelligence with a deep understanding of the human condition. He has the uncanny ability to challenge your perceptions (without you realising it) using empathy & positivity. He’s a walking library & can recommend unique books across a range of topics that will open your mind. Ollie is a first rate coach & he comes highly recommended.”


“Oliver is a sensitive & intuitive coach who has a knack of getting to the heart of the ‘problem’ swiftly. I had several lightbulb moments working with Oliver, which have proved enormously helpful in both by personal & professional life. Coaching is clearly his vocation. His passion for it is infectious & he brings a sense of fun to his sessions. I’d thoroughly recommend Oliver to anyone who feels stuck in a rut.”


Oliver has helped me define a roadmap for the next 20 years. It was a fantastic adventure that is immersive, supportive, professional & fun. I would highly recommend Oliver to anyone who is unsure of their career path ahead.”


Without his initial support & guidance I would not have succeeded so quickly. Oliver was able to reinforce the importance of professional boundaries. Now, I am in charge of my business & able to become more assertive when needed. Oliver’s support helped me to valuate my work appropriately & create significantly more time in my diary through a number of evidence-based techniques.”


“Where to begin! I’ve just spent a truly transformative 6 months working with Oliver. I was feeling really stuck when I started thinking about coaching. I had a seemingly great job, lots of friends & a supportive family but somehow I was feeling unfulfilled & anxious & wondering if this was it? I had an idea of what I wanted my life & work to feel like but I felt completely at a loss as to how to achieve it. I had no idea how empowering it would be to have someone in my corner whose soul aim was to help me become the best possible version of myself & make that daydream a reality. The amount of energy & enthusiasm that he injected into our sessions was infectious. He provided me with endlessly interesting & helpful resources & was brilliantly creative in his approach to our sessions. Oliver has helped me work out what I need in my life to make it feel fulfilling & exciting. He has also helped me to value my unique skills & strengths & devise a strategy for using them more effectively at work & in my personal life. As a result of my work with Oliver I’m doing more of what I love professionally, I’ve negotiated a more flexible set up at work so I can travel more & I feel empowered & more confident in my personal relationships than I ever have before. Perhaps most importantly, I now feel like I’m in charge of my life & I can achieve the things that I was dreaming about 6 months ago.”


I particularly appreciated how Ollie would authentically tailor each coaching session so that it never felt like a cookie cutter approach & I ended each session having gained real insights & inspiration. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ollie as a career coach.”


“Oliver is both a fantastic coach & a great person. Within just two sessions with Oliver, I’d elected to set up my own business. He is high energy, utterly dedicated & fantastic at what he does, leading me to recommend him to countless people already. If you’re thinking of a career change or asking ‘what’s next?’, I strongly recommended getting in contact with him.”


“From the get-go, Ollie’s enthusiasm & passion for coaching shone through, we covered every area I wanted to (& some I didn’t know I wanted!), from identifying what career is for me, my skills & working preferences to key reading material, breathing, & powerful visualisation techniques, all designed to help me get the most out of realising my career goals. We covered an enormous amount of content so you will definitely get value for money & I can’t recommend it enough!


“Oliver skilfully & effectively coached me through a career transition. His methods are creative, challenging & original, enabling me to plot my own path & giving me the confidence to do it. His style is very positive, relaxed & focussed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone seeking a career change but lacking the confidence &/or the plan to do it.”


“I’ve been working with Ollie to help me focus on my inner voice & belief. In this vane the sessions have addressed what many small business owners struggle with – Imposter syndrome or moments of self-doubt. He used a variety of methods that tapped into my innate preferences as well as stretching many of my thought processes. Ollie listens well, provides infectious energy with tangible next steps. He has helped me see the unique value I bring to my clients with a knock effect for personal relationships & those that I do life with at church as their minister. He is a gifted & skilled enabler & has helped me put some stronger foundations in place.
For anyone not sure about whether Better Work Heroes might be able to help & Ollie in particular, do take them up on a complimentary session.”


“Ollie is an outstanding career coach. His enthusiasm for helping people navigate their personal life & career goal is genuine & infectious. I was fortunate to work with Ollie; his lessons were structured & tailored towards my requirements, he has this magical ability to connect with people on a personal level & get them to believe that anything is possible! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ollie, I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.”


“Oliver was pivotal in this period of transition. I left a career in investment banking. I had (big & small) ideas, but I felt I needed support to make what to do next as efficient as possible. #1. Ollie is a very positive person & it’s uplifting. It wasn’t flattering nor was it misplaced. We learned techniques for breathing, head space & well-being. #2. He helped me filter my ideas & focus on those that are achievable & in line with my values & interests. #3. We worked on understanding & validating my leadership style. #4. I understood the value of my network & how I networked. The above were the key building blocks & along with Ollie’s positivity I was afloat. I appreciate with Ollie was his wholistic approach to “mapping me out” & what I need to focus on. I consider Ollie as my go-to on career issues. Try him out.”


“I started my coaching journey with Ollie because I sensed that he would go beyond a traditional models based approach to professional coaching. I wasn’t disappointed! Ollie’s approach was truly transformational, tailored to me, & covered whole life improvement – health, fitness, breathing, relationships & work. Thanks Ollie, it has truly been an exciting & eye-opening experience!”


“My confidence at a low ebb, I was feeling increasingly insecure in a job I had been doing for more than 10 years & I was unsure on how to make a change. A year on & my career, health & family life have been genuinely transformed in the most remarkable & positive way. Oliver is impactful & perceptive. In every session he had a unique ability to get to the heart of what was holding me back & what steps I could take to progress & change. His programme is personalised & forensic in its attention to detail & expands way beyond moving you into your next job. I have come away from the sessions more resilient, with a deeper understanding & control of my motivations, emotions & what really matters to me. I also come away from the programme with a toolbox of skills & knowledge that will serve me a family for years & years to come, in every facet of my life, whether it be personal or professional. Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the immense value of the network & encyclopaedic performance reading list that Oliver has shared with me over the last few months. The investment in the time with Oliver has already delivered huge benefits that continue to compound. What a wonderful & energising journey it has been!”


“I have engaged in the executive coaching training & support from Oliver for the last year since as a way to develop & expedite the growth of my business. Through this time my business has grown as I always wanted it to & my goals & strategy have remained clear & in focus due to the monthly debriefs/planning meetings with Oliver. I would highly recommend any new small business to speak with Oliver regarding his training.”


“I had a great time working with Oliver focussing on a variety of objectives. I would recommend Oliver because of his flexibility that gives you the freedom to focus on what you want to work on & not just limited to career change or executive coaching. He introduced me to new, fun, & easy ways to incorporate effective habits & practices. Oliver has an in-depth broad skill set that enables him to address a wide spectrum of topics & challenges. If you’re thinking about coaching I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend speaking with Ollie.”


“Finding myself at a career dead-end in a role in which I could never realise my potential, I was uncertain whether an investment in career coaching would be the answer, nor whether I could commit the time needed to make a success of it. I decided to take the plunge as I needed to change something but I could not articulate what or how. I was put in touch with Ollie & the rest is history. I feel fortunate to have been guided through the whole process by Ollie, who energetically, positively & enthusiastically coaxes the best of what is inside you. He also understood my heavy work commitments & was flexible in arranging our sessions to accommodate them. I came out with a renewed sense of self-belief. Ollie is very well-read & will recommend books which offer life-change perspectives & insights. Don’t think about it for too long – worth the investment – it changed many of my perspectives & gave me many precious insights. Special thanks to Ollie!”


“My coaching journey with Oliver has been an enlightening voyage. His insightful & enthusiastic approach makes it very easy to delve deeply into all areas & breeds confidence in transitional phases. I found him very open & approachable & his positive reinforcement really empowers change & growth. Also, he is not afraid to ask difficult questions & take you out of your comfort zone. All in all, a great coach, & also, a nice guy to boot.”


“Oliver’s skills as a life coach are helped by his keen insight. His generous support helped provide me with motivational inspiration just when I needed it so that I could move on. He helped to break down my anxieties & give me some simple stepping stones & a fresh perspective.


“I recently had a coaching session with Oliver to help me work towards my goals & focus on my motivations for work. Oliver set the scene & guided me through the session asking the right questions at the right time, often challenging me to think about things in ways I would not have expected. I came away from the session having gained clarity in my mind, & with a couple of specific action points. On catching up a couple of weeks later I had not only completed those action points but gone beyond my expectations & made more progress on my wider goals. This was a brilliant experience & I would fully recommend coaching sessions with Oliver.”


“Dear Ollie, The results have exceeded my expectations tenfold, at least. I was well impressed with how quickly I felt at ease immediately after you described how the session would work. I did not expect this. With perfectly placed questions you helped me articulate the points that are key to growing my business; what I could do more of; & what I could do less of. It was all very practical & resulted in very practical steps for me to follow. Many thanks, this was an incredible experience! It has undoubtedly speeded up the progress of my business.


Oliver was an absolute godsend at a time when I felt utterly lost in my career. Through creative coaching & motivation, he helped me to refocus & get a sense of direction & positivity that I would have previously thought was impossible. Every step of the journey was enlightening & enjoyable & I know in years to come, I’ll look back on working with Oliver as a major turning point in my career.


To say my time with Ollie was life changing would be an understatement. From session 1 Ollie was on a mission to change my life around & his intuitive & energetic nature made it very easy to work with him. I was stagnant & unhappy with my life purpose & had no idea how to move forward. Ollie helped, by giving me realistic & practical ways to improve my life & propelling me forward using my own knowledge & skills. Ollie was a great tool in making me realise my own potential & giving me amazing techniques that I had never heard of, whilst giving me challenges along the way, altogether giving me more confidence & positive focus to nail my goals & start loving life.


“I can’t recommend Ollie more highly. His infectious positivity is electrifying & energising which, believe me, is a breath of fresh air when you’re stuck as I was. He’s supremely practical & organised & understands corporate & SME pressures. He is able to draw from a wide range of coaching activities that he tailors for you. They made me think & devise my own solutions. Over the 6 month programme, with Ollie’s careful, interested professional help, I grew into the rounded person I want to be for the next half of my life. Thanks!”


“Ollie is one of the most inspiring & energising individuals I have ever met. His energy & passion for people & life is second to none. Every time I meet Ollie I feel more uplifted, optimistic, determined & he leaves me with that feeling of being on top of the world. Ollie doesn’t see problems, he sees opportunities. It’s safe to say working with Ollie has been a complete & utter game changer. It’s been a privilege for me to work with him & I hope to continue to do so for a long time.”


“Being in a really negative work environment had really put me off going to another job, the thought was terrifying. This filtered through to the rest of my life & the longer I put off finding another job, the worse things became. I had no idea where to start or could imagine that my life could possibly be as happy & well balanced as it is now. Since seeing Georgina I have got my confidence back & am working & happy in a really good job. Georgina worked with me at my own pace. She has helped me realise what an amazing person I am. I know that sounds a bit over the top but she has made me believe in myself & recognise the importance of things that I dismissed as nothing, but should be celebrated as achievements both in personality & work skills. Even if I’m having a bad day, I always leave Georgina with a smile on my face, feeling incredibly happy with an ‘I can do anything’ attitude.


“I cannot say enough good things about my experience receiving coaching from Oliver. The experience unlocked my ability to be a successful leader & enabled me to understanding how to be most effective in achieving my work & life goals (as well as identifying what those goals are). Oliver tailored the coaching to my specific needs & showed a profound ability to craft the coaching sessions to meet those needs. I hope to receive coaching again from Oliver at another point in my career, as I learned so much in such a short amount of time.


“Returning to the office & a completely new job after having my second child was extremely daunting. I was nervous, lacking confidence & not the same person I had been 2-3 years prior. Georgina is so unbelievably warm, kind & understanding & helped to guide me back to the confident person I was previously. After a short time of working with Georgina, both myself & the office began to notice a big difference in my confidence. I felt so lucky to have met Georgina & to have worked so closely with her. I think everyone needs a Georgina in their lives.


“I was cautious about embarking on career coaching, but Oliver positivity won me over straight away! His belief in what can be achieved is infectious & all backed up by his knowledge of the science & research behind the methods. He helped me clarify my career thoughts, identify what I wanted to improve going forwards, uncover my professional strengths & personal qualities, discover my leadership style & expand upon it & map a course towards my goals, along with useful tools for building confidence & staying focused. I’m excited to continue my career journey & am looking forward to keeping him posted with my developments & using his guidance again down the road!”


“Very quickly I trusted in what he was doing & gave him free reign to try new things. From visualisation to guided meditation he has found a variety of ways to tackle challenges & get the creative ideas flowing. To say the least a challenging year for me personally, consequently Oliver adapted his approach to focus heavily on personal development & creating the environment to enable me to flourish irrespective of what is going on personally. In 6 months we have worked together so far, the difference that he has made to me personally & as a consequence professionally is incredible. I look forward to continuing our journey together. I challenge anyone, whether that be senior employees or business owners serious about personal development to meet with Oliver to explore if & how he can help to revolutionise what you think you are capable of.


My wife has been working with Ollie for a while now & I felt compelled to write a review. Ollie has helped her so much in securing her current job, building confidence in who she is & how she works with others & gives her lots of food for thought on where to head in the future. She comes back from her sessions energized & positive. Thank you so much for helping!”


“I highly recommend Georgina as a coach. I had a very positive experience with her both in-person & online. She is very passionate about her work & has a wealth of resources & materials to share. I found her techniques very helpful to deal with stressful situations both at work & in my personal life.”


It’s hard to put into words how life-changing it has been to work with Ollie. Ollie started as my Executive Coach at a time in my career when I needed it most – I was exhausted, stressed, & unclear of the next step. We had instant chemistry with his infectious energy & unique ability to build up your confidence & energy levels to new highs (& call you out when you show an inch of self-doubt). Ollie helped me understand my core skills & strengths, developed my skills in coaching & leading high performing teams, role shaped to focus areas where I can add the most value, define my life purpose, add clarity to my career vision, the list is endless… I enjoyed the practical tips & tricks (breathing, positive intelligence, focus, visualisation, etc) to cope with high pressure situations, manage stress, find time-saving life hacks, & carve out time to get back to what I enjoy the most. His depth of knowledge on leadership theory & passion for the topic meant that he was able to share inspiring & appropriately timed lessons, books, & tips in every session. I looked forward to every meeting & after our year of working together, I have found a refreshing, new perspective on work & life – a ‘place of grace’! I can’t say thank you enough & I would highly recommend him as a Coach & Mentor.


“Ollie has been my coach for a little over a year. I’ve not only improved significantly when it comes to fulfilling my work responsibilities, but I’ve managed to go beyond them & become a leader with a distinct style. Pinpointing the progress we’ve made together during our coaching sessions strictly to work-related topics would be underselling their effectiveness & impact on my everyday life & happiness. The feature I appreciate about them the most is the fact that Oliver does not ignore the human aspects of his clients & because of his human-centred style, I’ve managed to learn & discover so much about the true nature of myself & now everything I do comes with a certain sense of purpose & my saboteurs have been put to ground for good.


“Working with Ollie has been a fantastic journey. He has helped me to evaluate where I am & understand what I really want from life for me & my family. Ollie worked with me using an array of techniques to map out a clear path to achieve my goals & to celebrate the successes along the way. Working with Ollie has been a great experience & I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their career to the next level.”


“Working with Ollie was a hugely rewarding experience. He’s highly energetic & exceptionally focused in everything he does. First – he helped me to quickly identify the most important business challenges I faced & second – he helped me to map out clear steps to overcome those challenges. This was both simple & enlightening, all at the same time! Sometimes making subtle changes can have the biggest impact & that’s where Ollie can really help your business.”


Working with Ollie has really been a game changer! I had gone through my career pushing myself to get things done but without a fundamental understanding of what I actually wanted to do. Ollie helped me to understanding my values & what’s really important to me, then focus on how I was going to achieve it. His boundless energy coupled with his unique biohacking techniques & wealth of reading recommendations really helped me take a fresh perspective in looking at things. The program was well structured & Ollie brought a great blend of self-analysis, innovative job searching techniques & insight to make it one of the most valuable times of self-reflection I have had. Ollie helps you to understanding the path you want to take, build confidence & take the risks you need to move forward. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to explore coaching & how it could help them!”


“Ollie is an excellent Executive Career Coach. I got huge value from every session I had with Oliver over a 6 month period. He helped me to gain perspective through challenging times & his energy is also truly infectious! Many thanks Ollie.”


“I really enjoyed the coaching journey that Oliver guided me through. It was great how I always got something out of each session & even between sessions. Sometimes it would be a big revelation, sometimes a long term plan, sometimes a small actionable piece of advice. Sometimes something so deep it will always stay with me. By applying all of this I finally found the focus & the confidence I always needed. Thanks to that I managed to change my role, marking a pivotal step in my career. On our last session Oliver complimented me saying I could have achieved everything on my own, I beg to differ. Thank you Oliver.”


“Through my coaching with Ollie, my self-awareness has been massively expanded & elevated. I enrolled for the coaching to development my leadership skills. I was looking for practical tools & models that I could apply at work. What I got was so much more; from the fountain of knowledge that can be accessed through audio books, & all kinds of bio-hacking to supercharge my performance to a deeper understanding of what my passions are. Gaining clarity on what I would like to achieve with my career, was my most important accomplishment. I feel better equipped to achieve these goals & know which resources are available to guide me along the way.”


“I had started to feel overwhelmed in my business & the ever-growing workload. When I approached Oliver to help me, I felt I had lost my voice in the industry. After hitting a major financial goal that I had been working towards for many years, I didn’t take any satisfaction from it & didn’t celebrate this milestone in the way that I should have done. With fresh eyes, I immediately streamlined some of the least effective processes in my business. Oliver is incredibly intuitive & delivers his coaching in a way that both challenges & motivates you at the same time. I am looking forward to the remainder of our coaching program & cannot recommend his services more highly.”


“I found my career coaching with Oliver very interesting, thought provoking & effective. Oliver’s blend of coaching expertise mixed with great enthusiasm & insight helped me understanding myself better, motivate me to make change & see opportunities in a new & positive way. I feel better equipped to taken on new challenges & seek out new opportunities with a clarity I was lacking before.”


“Oliver was a breath of fresh air when my career hit a bump. Through intelligence & empathy he helped me negotiate barriers, both internal & external. Oliver is full of brilliant insights & perhaps one of his key strengths is the ability to help one extract insights from themselves that were previously obscured or clouded. Clarity, vision & dynamism are three key words I would use to describe Oliver.


“Working with Oliver on mapping out my future career path has been invaluable. Over our time working together he helped me understanding my current achievements & where my skillset could be applicable for future opportunities. Ollie helped me take the time to identify what is right for me & develop an actionable plan. I would highly recommend his coaching services for anyone looking to discover a new path.”


“I had a great pleasure to work with Oliver. Great approach & inspiring conversations. Made me think very very hard on what is important to me & helped me to structure my ideas & create clarity on what I might do in the future.”


“Oliver helped me to plan the future of my surveying practice in a really simple but thoughtful & constructive way. His enthusiasm is infectious & attention to detail second to none. With him on your side it makes the difficult decisions easier to navigate.
I highly recommended him.”


“I walked into my first session with Oliver not really knowing what to expect. He immediately put me at ease & gave me an understanding of the scope of the session & at the same time did not put any limitations on the discussion. This made me feel safe to fully explore each idea thread. Oliver was able to pull tangible personal & business objectives & goals from our discussion. I feel a clarity in my approach to my business that I previously lacked. Thanks Oliver.”


“I am writing in praise of the business & life coaching skills of Oliver Holloway. I’ve just completed my first session & am planning the next ones based on the first experience. During the session Ollie is able to combine his huge enthusiasm for life & a calm, clear thinking pattern to tap into the clients needs. I really like his style & suggest that everyone with a desire to improve their life have a session with Ollie to see how he can help them.”


“Ollie is an inspiration. This was my first foray into being coached & my expectations were met & significantly surpassed. What you get here is a structured path to understanding the career conundrum (as you might expect), & then the benefit of all the experience he has had on his own path of self-growth – it was all these other methods & exercises that really helped me. Whether its habit stacking, breath work, networking, dealing with difficult customers, CV, book recommendations, gym sessions, you name it – it’s all covered here in depth & perfectly tailored to you. The guy is so positive & ready to catch & push forward any you that turns up. I could not speak more highly. Thank you for everything Ollie.”


“Ollie is the most enthusiastic, positive & motivating person I have ever had the privilege to meet. Over the course of almost a year, he helped to guide me as I started the journey from freelancing to running my own business. I will be eternally grateful to Oliver for showing me my own potential & for giving me the tools I need to pursue it. Thanks Ollie, you are a great man : )”


“Oliver is an incredible coach. His energy & optimism are so powerful that you can take on any new project in your career & beyond. He is helping you to find the best in yourself as well as identifying your “blind spot” so that you can always improve. On the top of that, he shares his amazing knowledge on bio-hacking techniques which are great complementary skills to have in today’s world. I was lucky to find him!


Everyone needs a coach. The personal & professional insights I’ve gained have been profound. There are many people you could hire, but Oliver is one in a million. His enthusiasm, energy & positivity are infectious. He doesn’t just coach you, he believes in you. & you can’t help but believe in yourself. He uses his sessions to hold you accountable for actions you’ve taken & to help you find your own path, whatever that may be. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a coach, & if you’re sceptical, start with the best one I know – Oliver.


“Working with Ollie the past 9 months has been transformational. His style is natural & authentic, & he is an incredibly warm & open person. Wherever I wanted to go, he was more than accommodating & capable, reacting & adapting our sessions real time to things & scenarios I was dealing with. I felt a huge amount of personal growth during my time with Ollie & I can’t wait to work with him again. One of the great ones.


“When I moved from Brazil to the UK, I decided to hire a coach to support me with the transition. Sessions with him were fun, interesting & inspiring. They started with lots of question marks & ended with clarity, confidence & enthusiasm. I couldn’t have had a better experience & recommend Oliver to anyone who wants to think strategically about their careers.”


“Ollie is quick to really understanding his clients’ unique situation, personality & strengths. He is highly professional & easy to work with. Ollie combines practical advice (everything from CV writing to morning routine!) to helping to change his clients’ behaviour & mindset for their long-term success. He constructively challenges his clients’ attitudes & mindset to boost confidence & hence achieve their goals. Ollie undoubtedly helped me to secure my next role by pushing me out of my comfort zone & helping me to clarify the career path I was looking for. This gave me the confidence to search for & secure the right role for me.”


“Oliver is a rare talent. His unique blend of personal development & entrepreneurial business expertise has been instrumental in helping me to envision, design & realise personal & professional growth that now complement (& no longer conflict with) each other. It was liberating to have Oliver by my side during a major marketing initiative focused on growing my business.  He helped to clarify my thought process & gave me a positive outlook that helped me to think clearly about my priorities. I would recommend any small business owners to engage with Oliver to take advantage of his amazing skill set.”


“We have been working together for a year now & I am honestly blown away by the results I have seen so far. I have seen large shifts in the way I view my business & life outside of my business too. The way I engage with my family & friends has changed massively for the positive & I am more able to put myself at the centre of my world & what I want to achieve. I love that our sessions often put me completely outside of my comfort zone, but because of your approach & the environment you create I always feel safe to explore these new things & often come away with subtle but powerful mind set changes. I am so excited & pleased to be working with you & can’t recommend you highly enough to anyone wanting to make a change but not knowing how or where to start. Thank you a million times!”


When I first spoke to Ollie, he told me amazing things will happen when I start a journey with him. Even then he under promised & over delivered. Within three sessions I have achieved my primary goal of getting a new job that fits with my values. Ollie’s natural enthusiasm & broad skillset have enabled me to understand what is most important to me. Ollie’s coaching extends to all aspects of your life. The bonus is despite achieving my goal so quickly Ollie’s diverse skill set allows him to work with me on a wide range of issues for the remainder of our program. I was seeking coaching as I was deeply unhappy with my job & had lost confidence in what I wanted to do & how I could succeed. For those in a similar position I cannot recommend Ollie enough, he has a structured process & innovative techniques to draw out valuable insights. He has restored my confidence as he believes in you. I have learnt so much about myself in the first three sessions. Be prepared to be challenged. I am excited about the remainder of the program.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my transformational coaching journey with Oliver. He is a brilliant coach & an extraordinary individual with loads of positivity & enthusiasm. His optimism & cheerfulness nature are super contagious. The coaching experience with Oliver was beyond my expectations, & it will remain unforgettable to me. Oliver has vast knowledge on a wide range of subjects allowing him to offer you the precise advice & guidance on different aspects of your life. He equipped me with the right tools & mindset to approach my personal & professional life. I would highly recommend Oliver to anyone looking for a positive change in his or her life. Ollie, I appreciate your immense contribution in helping transform my thoughts & attitude. I sincerely thank you & look forward to working with you again!”


“Working with Oliver of Better Work Heroes was inspiring, the tools he used & the ideas he offered helped me to understand where I want to be, & what my capabilities are. I feel stronger & full of confidence to tackle what life & work throws at me.


“Ollie has been fantastic to work with. For anyone wanting to focus on leadership & unlocking their potential I can thoroughly recommend! Thank you Ollie.”


“I had an amazing time working with Ollie. His knowledge enthusiasm & skill saw a whole new world open up in front of me. Quite simply I’m a better & happier person in a better & happier place (with a whole new set of interests) having met him. Life-changing stuff that will stay with me. Thanks Ollie.


“A year of coaching has flown by & thanks to Ollie I am a more confident leader. Our sessions were never the same or predictable. They were always engaging & thought provoking. Despite the challenges of the past year I have come out stronger, more resilient & ready to take on more challenges. I even have a plan for the future. Thank you Ollie!”


“I met Ollie at a rather stressful time in my career & transition period. He made me realise some opportunities in front of me & re-contextualise a few issues I thought I was having into superhero powers! His unique way of identifying & framing routes for development really helped shape my personal future into something I’m proud of. Ollie’s an all-round awesome dude & I’ll have the pleasure of working with him, & his stellar energy, again soon!


“Working with Oliver has been a great experience that has changed me deeply. He is a great motivator & a brilliant coach. His empathy skills combined with good structured approach & clever tips are the keys of his brilliant success. I would recommend him to anyone willing to boost his/her personal & professional development path.


“Oliver is an exceptional coach. He comes with an abundance of energy, creates resonance at every opportunity & will support you to see your world from multiple perspectives. Oliver brings intuition along with his evidence based approach to biohacking, to help you reach new heights. Be ready for transformation with Oliver, you will not regret it.


“Working with Ollie has been inspirational, I’ve learnt so much in the 5 months we worked together. The most important aspect for me was focusing on my goals but not in a clinical, standardised or traditional way. His holistic method of coaching & very perceptive way of seeing into you was incredible (not easy during lockdown when our sessions were remote over Zoom). It’s clear to me now, career & life are inseparable, this was the key to defining my values & aspirations for my future. I loved the sessions we had & looked forward to the exercises in between our meetings, they were often difficult but always rewarding. Ollie responded when I had questions though, having that support was important. I am now on a path that I feel confident & committed to, I cant recommend him enough. Thank you Ollie!


“I started working with Ollie to help with some career related development needs but quickly opened my eyes to a number of other areas – from breathing techniques to areas of personal growth, the advice I got was first class & I feel like I have some new foundational approaches to things that will help me for years to come.


“Oliver is a energetic, committed, organised Business Coach. Oliver offers the most positive approaches to his methods mainly as he is so wide read on personal development & the techniques used by successful people. Have a chat with Oliver over a coffee & I assure you he will spark interest, thoughts & make you want another coffee to chat more!”


My coaching with Ollie was a tremendous success. He is extremely knowledgeable & supportive, & my time with him was always very enjoyable. By the end of the ninth session I had a clear understanding of where my future lies, & he equipped me with the skills to achieve it. Ollie prepared the sessions specifically to my needs, & each session built upon the previous one, so I was continually moving forward. Ollie also suggested extracurricular reading & mini-projects which really helped me to get a 360 degree insight into my behaviour patterns & what motivates me.”


“Coaching with Ollie was a blast, he really pushed me out of my comfort zone & showed me my values & my purpose. Which was always there it just needed a little help to come out. Confidence is not my forte, it seemed to disappear in my 20s. But with a few tools & techniques Ollie helped my true inner self come back & also show me how to cope with negative people! I’m now on track to my true self & loved every moment of discovery with Ollie. A big huge thank you. You are a star! Glad I found coaching to meet Ollie!”


“Thanks to Ollie I now know what a life hack is! & not only do I have a “to-do” list, but I also have a “to-learn” list… & a “to-stop” list! I wanted to develop all aspects of my life- I wasn’t looking for a typical career coach. My experience with Ollie exceeded my high expectations- it was current, tailored & challenging but thoughtful. I would very highly recommend Ollie to anyone considering coaching.”


“If you are going through a period of significant change & uncertainty in your career or in life in general then I cannot recommend talking to Oliver enough. Oliver was recommended to me as a coach who would understand & empathize with the journey that I was on. Oliver’s infectious positivity & objective view helped me to reframe the situation I was in & see it for an exciting, life-changing period that I was in control of. Oliver’s enthusiasm is supported by a clear process that helps to explore options fully & give clarity on what I did & did not want to do next. He backed the coaching up by pointing me towards additional resources that he thought would help me. Thanks Oliver!”


“Talking with Ollie was inspiring, constructive, creative & realistically challenging with lots of positive & encouraging words. I had lost my way a bit & he helped me back on track with my vision strengthened. I left feeling empowered & realising I would achieve my goals with a realistic timeframe. Thank you.”


“From the first session, we instantly found common ground & I felt inspired by his attitude, past work experiences & extensive travel. Ollie created excitement through the program, provoking me to think in different ways to help me achieve what I needed from the coaching. Each session was challenging, informative & most importantly fun. I particularly liked not being confined to a meeting room for each session allowing for a more creative environment when needed. Ollie has a very natural approach, is open, friendly & a great listener. His positive attitude in coaching me into thinking in ways I wouldn’t have before has been extremely beneficial in day to day interactions. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ollie & hope our paths cross again in the future. I feel more than adequately set up for the challenges & journey ahead.


“I had a wonderful session with Oliver. He really helped me understanding the blockage in my thought process. He enabled me to set targets & identify the goals I should be chasing as a business. I would without question recommend a session with Oliver as I am sure that he will help you focus & help you take the best step in achieving your goals.”


“I was fortunate enough to work with Oliver & be coached on where to go next in my life & career. Oliver’s enthusiastic, on point & highly skilled coaching got me exactly where I need to be. By allowing me the space I needed to explore & navigate what was ahead & what had been, & combining this with great & welcomed challenges through action, I have made big leaps in my life, professional & personal. Thank you Oliver!”